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These are most common often asked questions among Cambodians living around the world. There are issues that society faces and must be confronted now or never..

Questions are intended for answers. If any question not asked and factual statement you would like to be included, please send your to and may also wish to include your name and E-mail address with question and comment. Credit is given where possible. Thanks, You!.



What defines citizenship?
What make us who we are?
What are the role of individual citizen?
What Cambodia is known for?
Will you defend Cambodia sovereignty?
If opportunity present! What would you ask your Prime Minister?
What defines Democracy?
What issue is most concerned about Cambodia?
If a topic is written about Cambodia, what would it be?
If you were elected Prime Minister, what is your agenda?
What kind of computing technology is required for Cambodia?
What impacts will the technology have for Cambodia?
What defines and constitute a government?
Should a provincial and city government has its own authority of governing power?
What constitute a total population count?
What defines respectful and its duty as citizen?


What defines good society? And what is your definition of a good society?
Do you believe society require law and order to maintain order?
What is your role in the society?


What kind of person (qualification) is Prime Minister needs?
What are the role of elected government official?
How trustworthy is your current leadership?
What consider good leadership? Leadership In Context
Should Elected Office be under term-limit? (4-5 year term)
What are the role of the government?
What are the legal age to vote?
Should government subsidize its services to private (company) citizen?
What are a government's legitimate responsibilities toward helping people?
Should government regulate land reform?
Should government vehicle be used for private purposes?
Should welfare system be adopted and how?
How Census should be conducted?


If you were to select to write about your countryman - Who would he be?
What is your ideal leadership? Leadership Qualities


What is politic?
What is your definition of P-O-L-I-T-I-C?
Whose role is it to conduct so-called politic?
Should an ordinary citizen has role in politic?
What are your strategic vision?
How many political party should Cambodia have? Name your number:(1-10)
If you would have formed a political party, what would it be?
What are our diplomatic policy toward Vietnam and Thailand?


What constitutes corruption?
Does corruption need to be educated about?
What are the root cause of corruption? And what are your solution to this problem?
What is your role as citizen?
Is Cambodian morally corrupted?


Should Arm Force be only sole factor in nation defense?
What are age requirement and length of service?
Should Arm force wear its uniform in private establishment?
Should each citizen require to enroll in selective Arm Services?


How best to engage our neighboring countries?
What would you do to promote your country to others nation?
How do you best describe yourself as Cambodian?
What defines a development country?
What defines a civilized-society?
Should elected government official grant a government housing?
What consider racial and How it affects us as a nation?
How do you prevent further Human Rights abuse?
What have we inherited from our past generation? And what we learn from it?
What defines immigrant?
What are you strategy to prevent further expansion of Vietnamization?
What measure are you taking to prevent further Vietnamization? And what are they?
What defines free-speech and its guideline?


Who created the Khmer Rouge?
What is best describe about the April 17th?
Should the April 17th be remembered as a National Day of Holocaust?
Should the history be written to tell later generation of Cambodian?
Should a monument build to honor those dead?
Do you consider yourself a victim of Post Khmer Rouge Syndrome?
Most term use to sum up the total of those systematically murdered by Khmer Rouge:
  • Almost..

  • Close to..

  • Nearly..

  • Maybe..

  • About..

  • Approximately..

  • More than..

  • A lot of..

  • As many as..

  • Unaccounted for..

  • Unaccountable number..

  • Three-Quarters of a million and another One-and-a-half million after..

Which one is close to sum up the total number of people killed?



What are school system you most likely to adopt from? (US, French)
Should alternative educational institution be flexible?
Should student allow to choose an alternative schooling to continue its education?
How and What regulation of a Government over private school?
Should English. French. Vietnamese. Chinese. Thai, Etc.) be included in a curriculum?
Should foreign-student-exchange permit into the country?
What is our official foreign language?
What are the guideline for foreign school?
How the foreign institution be regulated?
Should moral and social ethics be incorporated into school curriculum?


What are the role of a government over religion?
Should government has a role to govern over building of religious establishment?
Should Buddhism incorporate into its own department?
Should religious institution establishment be regulated by the government?
What are the requirements and regulations for those seeking role in Buddhism?
What are the role of Buddhist monk? And What's requirement of Buddhist monks?
Should Buddhist monk be allowed to teach in private institution?


Should all profession be required of a license?


What are solutions to solve yearly flood and drought? Prek Tnot Project
Should Dam and Man-made canal be incorporated into an irrigating system?
Should a man-made canal at lower Phnom Penh and down to Gulf of Thailand?
Should (some] interstate routes and bridges be required to pay toll?
Should Hydro Electric Dam be built for use to generate electricity?
What and how to prevent further cut down tree?


What defines Human Rights?
What is Human Rights?
How's important Human Rights in the making of Democracy?


60 Percent of the world's radio broadcasts are in English.
70 Percent of the world's mail is address in English.
85 Percent of all international telephone conversation are in English.
80 Percent of all computer data in the world are in English.
U.S. produces 25 % of the world's industrial products with only 5% of the world's population.
There is NO WAR! Among the world's riches countries since 1945.
Country with lowest birthrates has the toughest immigration laws.
America's great import is people.
Korea has the highest number of PH.D's per capital in the world.
Entrepreneurism is a huge economic growth in developing county.
In 1988 U.S publisher sold $15 Billion worth of Books. 55,483 New Book Titles.
120 out of 200 countries have a democratic government.

Biologist Charles Darwin, Economist Adam Smith and Philosophers Jean Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx and John Sturt Mill.

Did you know Mikhail Gorbachev and Mao Tse Zedong read the same books?



Asia has Two Thirds of the world population.
Laos consists of 68 different ethics groups.
Two Thirds of the Disk Drives use in United States are made in Singapore.
Cross racial relationship among Asian is a ratio of two-to-one compare to Black.
Free and civil society by means of a well-defined body of law.



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