Daughter of the Killing Fields
The harsh truth of the Cambodian people's struggles and triumphs a testimony to the strength of the human spirit.
    Anatomy of a Crisis
David M. Ayres
ISBN 974-9575-08-3
2003. 268pp, 150x230

  Brother Number One:
A Political Biography of Pol Pot
(Revised edition)

David P. Chandler
ISBN 974-7551-18-7
2003. 270pp, 150x230mm

  Cambodia 1975-1982
Michael Vickery
ISBN 974-7100-81-9
1999 432pp, 145x210mm


Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge
Evan Gottesman
ISBN 974-9575-52-0
2004. 453pp,145x210 mm


Children of Cambodia's
Killing Fields

Compiled by Dith Pran;
Edited by Kim Depaul;
Introduction by Ben Kiernan

ISBN 974-7100-42-8
1997. 331pp, 145x210 mm

  Facing the Cambodian Past: Selected Eassays 1971-1994
David Chandler
ISBN 974-7100-64-9
1996. 331pp, 145x210 mm
    History, Buddhism and New Religious Movements in Cambodia
Edited by John Marston and Elizabeth Guthrie
ISBN 974-9575-94-6
2006. 270pp, 142x210mm
  A History of Cambodia
(second edition, updated)
David Chandler
ISBN 974-9575-10-5
2003. 312pp, 155x230mm
    Intervention and Change in Cambodia:
Towards Democracy?
Sorpong Peou

ISBN 974-7551-29-2
2000. 572pp, 155x230mm
  Music through the Dark:
A Tale of Survival in Cambodia
Bree Lafreniere
ISBN 974-9575-06-7
2003. 167pp, 145x210mm
    Pol Pot's Little Red Book:
The Sayings of Angkar
Henri Locard
ISBN 974-9575-56-3
2004. 352pp, 130x197mm
  The Pol Pot Regime:
Race, Power, and Genocide
in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979

Bem Kiernan
ISBN 974-9575-71-7
2003. 477pp, 130x197 mm
    The People's Republic of
Kampuchea, 1979-1989

Margaret Slocomb
ISBN 974-9575-34-2
2003. 369pp, 145x210mm
  A Record of Cambodia
Translated, with an introduction and notes, by Peter Harris
ISBN 978-974-9511-24-4
14x21cm, 184pp. color photos
    In the Shadow of Angkor
Contemporary writing from Cambodia
Frank Stewart and Sharon May, Editors
ISBN 974-9575-83-0
2005, 256pp., 140x217mm
  A Short History of Cambodia:
From Empire to Survival
John Tully
ISBN 974-93619-1-1
2006. 282pp, 145x210mm
    Stay Alive, My Son
Pin Yathay
ISBN 974-7551-26-8
1999. 267pp, 145x210mm
  The Tragedy of Cambodian
Politics, War, and
Revolution since 1945

David Chandler
ISBN 974-7047-07-1
1999. 412pp, 150x230mm
    Voices from S-21:
Terror and History in Pol Pot's Secret Prison
David Chandler
ISBN 974-7551-15-2
2002. 238pp, 145x210mm
und die Tempel der Khmer in Kambodscha
Johann Reinhart Zieger
ISBN 974-9575-60-1
2006. 296pp, 130x185mm
    Adventure Cambodia:
An Explorer's Travel Guide
(second edition)

Matt Jacobson
ISBN 974-9575-53-9
2004. 400pp, 130x185mm



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