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The Simple truth!

World order according to Confucius (551 - 479 B.C.)
To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order;
To put the nation in order, we must put the family in order;
To put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life;
And to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.
"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness trust upon them" William Shakespeare
"Greatness doesn�t come by pursuing greatness; it comes through the steady application of intelligence, guts and nerve to the pursuit of honorable ends." Madeleine Albright, US secretary of State (1997-2001)
"Those who make peace impossible, make war inevitable" JFK (35th US President:)
Ronald Reagan To Nancy Reagan
  March 4, 1963
Ronald Reagan To Nancy Reagan
My Darling,
This is really just in-between day. It is a day on which I love you three hundred and sixty-five days more than I did a year ago and three hundred and sixty-five days less than I will a year from now. But I wonder how lived at all for the three hundred and sixty-fives before I met you. All my love, Your Husband
Love is passion; it's an obsession. Read on Valentine's Day Friday, February 14, 2003
"Injustice anywhere is a treat to justice everywhere." Dr. Martin Luther King
"Peace can only flourish where the rule of law and Human Rights prevail" Helmut Kohl (Chancellor of Germany)
By 2050! China will be a "middle-developing" county Predicted by Chairman: Deng Xiaoping
"History lives in forward but it is written in retrospect" Unknown
"American discovered the Mekong in 1965 and forgot about it in 1975" French Mekong Expedition.
Humility must always be the portion of any man who receives acclaim earned in blood of his followers and the sacrifices of his friends." Dwight D. Eisenhower The 34th US President.
"Stronger defenses as an alternative to deterrent" Ronald Reagan 40th US President
Thailand is following the Buddhist precept of majhima patipada The middle path, avoiding the extremes. Thailand
"Think Locally, Act Globally. Think tribally, Act Universally" John Naisbitt The Author of Global Paradox
"Love is passion; it's passion and voluntary reflection." Unanimous
"Woman marries man to chance; Man marries hopefully to never change." Unanimous
"Nowhere is the power of vision more evident than in the realm of politics" That's politic!
"Collective thought of individual action" Unknown
"Men of different habits are not enemies; they are godsends" Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead
"A person who can not tell a lie well often cannot keep a secret" Dr. Kazuo Sakai M.D The Author of The Art Of Lying!
"The difference between ignorance and knowledge is the difference between poverty and wealth" Education
"There is no room for in this country for Hyphenated-Americans" Teddy Roosevelt
"As a building nation, Cambodian should measure its effectiveness; not sufficiency". VNy
"The way to avoid what is strong is to strike what is weak" Sun Tzu
""When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil" James Carville
Confucius' Words:
  Confucius taught that a peaceful and prosperous society is possible if everyone from pauper to prince adhered to the same virtues of honesty, courtesy and loyalty.
  • "Honeyed words and flattering looks seldom speak of love."

  • Gentleman who is not a greedy eater, nor a lover of ease at home, who is earnest in deed and careen of speech, who seeks the righteous and profits by them, may be called fond of learning."

  • "Guide the people by law, subdue them by punishment; they may shun crime, but will be void of shame. Guide them by example, subdue them by courtesy; they will learn shame, and come to be good."

  • "Study without thought is vain: thought without study is dangerous."

  • At high tides, waste is worse than thrift: at burials, grief outweighs nicety"

  • "The chase of gain is rich in hate."

  • If I take no part in the sacrifice, it is none to me."

  • "Preaching to princes brings disgrace, nagging at friends estrangement."

  • I have met no one who can see his own faults, and arraign himself within."

  • Slave met no one who can see his own Faults, and arraign himself within."

  • "The people may be made to follow: They cannot be made to understand."

  • "Love of daring, inflamed by poverty leads to crime: A man without love, if deeply ill-treated, will turn to crime."

On Leadership and Unity:
  "In retrospect, I believe it benefited the country when I lost governorship to Ronald Reagan (40th US President:) because, had I won, he would not have become president."
George Christopher (Mayor of San Francisco)
"It's always dark before it turns totally black" Chairman Mao Tse Zedong
"By 1977, anything the nature did kill; the Khmer Rouge did" VNy
"Language is one important key role in making Democracy possible" VNy
American may have championed economically; we champion both: "Economic and morality". Lee Kwan Yew
"Cambodian can be modernized; that need not to be Westernize" VNy
Know your enemy distinctively: By "learning about them" The Art Of War
"Collective judgments; actions of individuals" VNy
"It takes moral courage to issue an unpopular order and then make sure of its execution." John McCain Jr
"To build a country is to build your people" Vicheth Toun-Everett, WA
"All words are created equal; using them it your Right" Unknown
Cambodian tradition is firmly rooted in the concepts of (f-a-m-i-l-y) In just years in America; this grass-roots-concept has been replaced with cataclysms in the name of (f-r-e-e-d-o-m) VNy
Extreme measures: "You kill one livestock; we will take out your entire village" - "Boycott all financial access from and to Cambodia; if the current government not changing its course" That's extreme!
"Language will distinguish races; culture and custom will maintain its race" VNy

"The most beautiful clothes a wife could wear is in her husband's arm" Unknown



Raising a child requires sacrifice, effort, time and presence. And there is a wide gap between our best intentions and the reality of today's society. More than one-third of American children are living apart from their biological fathers. Of these, five out of six do not see their fathers more than once a week. And 40 percent of the children who live in fatherless households have not seen their fathers in at least a year. The 43th US President

"I couldn't be more successful than the man I was with" Sela Ward star of Once & Again.

"Water seeks its own level" Unknown

"Cambodian treats cancer with Vitamin: Somanine -Everett, WA

"Human Rights is everyone responsibility"

"Getting involve with internal affair, simply a matter of "sleeping with another man's wife" Unknown

"I could take you to the river and brought you back thirty" Unknown

"American seem to have a genius for collective action" French: Alexis de Tocqueville

"Leaders are not born; they are made of and constructed with" CPAN 2-23-02

"Once-in-a-lifetime a real love happens once"

"Constitution: is not a license, it's a privilege"

"Nothing more dangerous than a sincere ignorance" [Khmer Rouge]

"The Rich-Elite=Khmer Rouge want comfort; the unfortunate and poor-villager want protection" VNy

Friendship: "Never to judge a person, till you dine and wine with them and only time will determine this true friendship"

"A mind once stretched by a new idea. Never regains its original dimensions" Unknown.

Dictatorship is run by one man for everything and Democracy is run by one group for everything. The different is that [one] is direct and the other is NOT. VNy

"Government is a large public agency; as family is a great corporation" The O'Reilly Factor

Family: There are many kinds of success in life worth having. "I just want a family" Theodore Roosevelt FDR.

"To cry is to risk being called sentimental; I stopped thirty years ago" VNy

"I still believe, in spite of everything that people are really good at heart" Anne Frank

"Marry those who love you; never to marry those; whom you have the L-o-v-e for" Virack Srey -Everett, WA

"truth is not a statement; is an act of honesty" Unknown

"No "Human Rights" exists to debate; if human itself is not well defined"

"You can go live in France, but you cannot become a French man. But any man can come to live in America and become an American" A letter wrote to President Ronald Reagan

"Life Design Daily' Dying without getting it!"

"DIAMOND -If it's forever! or Is it a measure of your attractiveness"

"Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the trill of creative effort."

"NO matter how much you might believe that your work is nothing more than what you do to make money, your work makes you who are, because it is where you put your time"

"If you live your life with unrealistic expectations and perceptions of who you are...You eventually became very the point of violence."

"Lie is bad...Manipulating will make its worse; it's a character assassin" VNy

"Relationship with bring you together, the rest is up to you!"

"I knew in my heart, that if any country deserved the world's compassion and interest, it was Cambodia." Jon Swain, The River Of Time.

"Procrastination is a thief of time" Dr. Martin Luther King

"You're not lying, you're not telling and disinformation"

"No adjective in "suffering " ever, yet applied to Khmer wasn't a superlative in my time; the conqueror and the annihilation seem to know its place" VNy

It's our problem! or isn't it? "They want Cambodia is theirs problem; [N-O-T] Letting them have it! Is ours problem" VNy

"if you don't tell them who you are; they will tell you" Unknown

Politic: "Don't generalize me, detail me!" Unknown

"Democracy at will: ALL by design, the rest is up to You" Unknown

Make her "LADY" and make him a "GENTLEMAN" "Because one it's in the shadow of another" Unknown

"No Human "Rights" exists to debate; if Human itself is not well defined" Unknown

"Never make a [HO] into a House wife" Unknown

"Don't choose LOVE. -LOVE chooses you! All you can really do is accept it for all its mystery when it come into your life" Unknown

"No such things' equal, different maybe!." Unknown

As human: "I reserve the right to be angry" Unknown

"One measures money against desires, the other measures it against needs" Unanimous

"Once the original changed its shape; will never regain its original dimension"

"The true measure of your education is not what you know, but how you share what you know with others"

"A man can have an attractive woman: Is measure by what he can afford! and A woman can get a rich man: Is measure by how attractive she is!."

"You NEVER left me with everything; You LEFT me with something." A lesson in life. Unknown

"The hardest things about being a Man is: "Do what you say; say what you do"

"Pain is giving, Suffering is an option"

"Distance will not keep two people apart! Time will"

"Life is worth remembering, Repentance is how you do it�



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