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 Government: "Government should be an instrument of the public good; not of private plunder." - Unknown



"Everything written is inherently personal and at the same time dynamically social."

t seems like yesterday when the concept was just a thought now is a reality. Since its conception in August of 2007, there has been much progress. Thanks in parts to those who have contributed of articles and stories that make possible.

The concept behind the is to have a place for Cambodian to publish their stories. The goal is to build and recruit Khmer writers into a databank. If Cambodian writes about us and found in Khmer website, it is more credible than foreigners write about us.

Most articles written about Cambodia found elsewhere. Would it be nice to have them on Khmer website? I believe it is more credible and genuine. I write it because it gives me hope that one day we realize of what had had happened and the future is realized. A sense of pride always prevails whenever I talk to Cambodian. They are proud of their heritage, culture and tradition, and smiles that make up for everything that's missing.

The impression of Cambodia is predominantly on war and destruction. Some will Judge by traditional benchmarks of war and politic. Even today, the attention is very much focus on the Khmer Rouge tribunal and negative aspects of corruption and poverty. But to understand the different meanings of level of destruction will require great virtue of honesty. Letís not forget that justice is not for the dead; it is for those that live.

Most detail accounts gave birth soon after the Khmer Rouge regime ended. Mine and many others story began on the foreign soil, which is a testament of our changes of reality. But Cambodian begins to put behind their painful experiences of a tragic past and live in harmony under a constitutional monarchy and a democratically elected government.

Independence Monument

ambodia has been making tremendous progress since signing the Paris Peace Agreement in 1991. The road to recovery from the past civil war spans few decades and Cambodian now finds itself in the midst of an enormous economy boom. Schools, roads and new constructions are on the rises. The living standards are improving and people living in poverty find themselves with opportunities fueled by a robust economy.

Phnom Penh was not the city I had left three decades ago. With peace and political stability, the city is taking a new shape with High-rises, Office Buildings, Industrial Economic Zone, Energy Sector, Real Estates and Commercial Banking as foreign investors are taking roots. Cambodia jointed the United Nation in 1955, ASEAN in 1999 and WTO in 2004. A Stock Exchange is in offing in 2009-2010. Its future is bright and full of hope.

It is worth remembering everything that had been said and happened. April 17, 1975 remains one of the most unforgettable dates in Cambodian history. The fallout that gave way to the Khmer Rouge regime represents a shift from a period of self-optimism to a period of social turmoil and disillusionment. Feeling fed up of war and a sense of lost hope as human. War is not an option but to end it.

Prah Vihear

I may have left Cambodia but Cambodia never leaves me. America and Cambodia has been my dual homes for the better part of the past decades. Together they offer an ideal environment that shaped my life as Cambodian-war-refugee drifting oceans away from homeland.

My improbable journey has both good and bad. I am determined to keep the one that is good for my countryís future. Those are considered unworthy will remain as my lifeís learning experiences.

Looking back at it, thirty-years ago, thinking in the midst of life and dead, my feeling facing the odd is astonishment. This feeing remains, never quite dimmed over the years. And hopefully this writing that attempt to bridge the divide between the two possible.

To be back in Cambodia is more than a privilege. I came back as a proud Cambodian, with a heart and sole that is the center of my world. My return has been a dream and hope. Thatís how I know hope endures. Cambodia is my future and the last thing on my mind when I go to bed. By all means, I am so glad that I am still seeing it beautiful and feeling complete all in one place.

Once again my sincere thanks to all contributors toward building



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