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Despite thirty-years in the making, Cambodia remains very much an aid-dependent. The country GDP is strongly suggested that Cambodia is an import-not-export-country.

Economic policy inspires more by opportunism than by the desire to preserve national interest, of an economy that is rapidly coming apart.

Cambodia is a country of imports. The GDP ranks among the lowest in Asia. Cambodia imported commodity goods from toothpick to vegetations found on table in excess of 1.4 billion dollar in 2007 from Thailand alone.

  1. Family Dynasty: Family dynasty in Cambodia may last longer than those of Chinese. Everyone builds their family’s name and legacy at their appointed-ministry. Public institutions existed only on papers. Public office turns private businesses where private matters are confided and decided behind closed-door. Spy on one another is quite common.

    Everyone embraces the idea that “one people knows is one too many to guard their secrets”. Everyone is fighting one another to gain the respect and trust of the boss. Ministry of X is under A Dynasty, Ministry of Y and Z, respectively.

  2. Employment: Garment sector, which employs low skills workers contribute a large share of the country GDP, requires no academic degree.

    Cambodian economy in the world view is grim despite a member of WTO. Cambodia never has an effective economic policy. Central to this failure has been ignoring the inherent connection between self-interested and economic external aggression from Thailand and Vietnam.

  3. Bureaucratize Complex: Bureaucracy and red tape are long. Government is the biggest and most powerful enterprise in Cambodia. Everyone wants to be a part of it. A government offers a lifetime career and a name in class society.

    Government offers a lifetime career and a place  in class society. Thirty years after the war, reform and capacity building remains one of the government top agenda. Workshop and capacity building for civil servant are lucrative businesses, where training materials and rent facilities are needed.

  4. Politics: Most give politics a bad name. Anything about Cambodia, Cambodian talks about it openly in public, while suffering privately in silence: Corruption, Political Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Illegal Land Grabbing, Land Concession, Forced Eviction, Injustice, Unemployment and Inflation.

    Today, Cambodian is becoming disillusioned at its peril. Without political freedom, they are learning to their cause is impossible. Their new born child is all about: Be All You Can Be!

  5. In Silence: Cambodian has long sought harmony and peace. But beneath the surface, widespread hatred of injustice simmers. Opinion about the government spills into the street. People began to say in public something that they had long said in private. In public, Democracy turns Demo-crazy.

  6. Peace and Stability: Cambodian is in search of self-assurance in peace and harmony in life. Fate has been kind to Cambodia, consider war and genocide. Today, real peace is not just the absence of conflict; it’s the presence of justice.

  7. Career Vs. Employment System: Most Cambodian prefers career system over employment system. Career system offers a lifetime career and everything else living in a class society. A central Planning Policy inherits into the system is also plays a major part. In patron-client relationship, civil servant advances through bureaucratic system.

  8. Respect Vs. Fear: No one is quite sure if Cambodian is truly meant when they said the word respect or simply acts out of fear. Respect and fear often times use interchangeably for everything. On the road: By sunset, most removed their helmets and begin running the red light. Most fear of police by not respecting the law. In public, Democracy turns Demo-crazy. It is fear and respect?

  9. Give & Take: Corruption is monumental out of proportion. Ask any one about it. Everyone denied it and everyone is doing it. It makes one wonders who is and who is not. How do you address corruption in a culture that no one seems to accept and see it as corruption?

    Cambodian gives corruption is a bad name, if everyone is corrupt; corruption is a good thing, because everyone is doing their share and profit from it.

  10. Politics: Most embark on politics on the expense of the nation. Everyone claims the love his nation. Once in office, they surround themselves with families and their close cronies on the assumption of trust. Everything quickly became secret and confidential. Most works carry out behind close door. Everyone guards their works with their life. Documents could turn into a profit-making.

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