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Despite thirty-years in the making, Cambodia remains very much an aid-dependent. The country GDP is strongly suggested that Cambodia is an import-not-export-country. The economic policy inspires more by opportunism than by the desire to preserve national interest, of an economy that is rapidly coming apart.

Cambodia is a country of imports. The GDP ranks among the lowest in Asia. Cambodia imported commodity goods from toothpick to vegetations found on table in excess of 1.4 billion dollar in 2007 from Thailand alone.

Education for All: Public education is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, which exercised full control over the entire system; it established syllabi, hired and paid teachers, provided supplies, and inspected schools. Wealthy Cambodians and those who had government scholarships sought private university-level education abroad.



One lesson in history is that unity is formed from within and is difficult to impose from the outside.

Cambodia-Thailand-Vietnam has a border-dispute-trade-love-hate relationship.

According to The US International Trade Commission, Thailand exported $1.4 billion worth of goods to Cambodia compared to $49 million exported to Thailand in 2007.

India’s exports to Cambodia totaled $31 million in 2007, while Cambodia's exports to India totaled $500,000. Is it trade deficit?

We are accustomed to feed ourselves too much of foreign goods, we begin to feel that those counties are in needs of our micro-household-economy of fourteen millions population.

Knowledge and Wisdom: As it comes to knowledge, it has always been mixed with myth and legend. The education system in Cambodia is somewhat complex and outdated. What’s learned at school may not guarantee you job.

Most schools are concerns of rote learning and give out degrees without imparting employable skills, and students are rewarded for memorization skills, not critical thinking. Students are graduation without complex problem-solving skills, without knowing how to put their theoretical education into practice, and poor articulacy.

Education in Cambodia is cheap compares to most countries around the world. Employment is scarce. Most degree holders are in management and accounting. After all, there are over 30 Commercial Banks in Cambodia. The bank offers a more suitable working environment and advantage than working at the garment factory.

Vocational School: One may have to drive around and look for it. It you look closely you may find a Motorbike Repair school sign nailed to the tree. These schools are offering a hand-on trainings on Air-conditioning, small engine repairs, TV and other electronic equipments. Most students are apprentices whose skills later start their own repair shop.

Skill: According to the Ministry of Labor, students are more interested in “Managing Business” than learning “Technical Skills” necessary for market’s demand. Skill is associated with low-level jobs in people’s minds. “Skill” is not meant for educated persons.

Language School: Schools and university, and foreign language school seems everywhere, certain language just off our shore; once to even imagine just a few years ago, like the Korean and Japanese. Yesterday, it was the French, today is the English and more.

In the next decades, Cambodia may well become a country dominated by an English-speaking country like the Philippines only to seek works outside their home country as far the North Africa and Middle East countries.

School Building Campaign: Politicians and business tycoons donate their money to build school everyday. School without teacher –Do you still call that a school?

Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh is a center of gravity. Everything gives birth and dies here. Most jobs are found here. Most civil servants opt to be in Phnom Penh where infrastructure is more developed: Hospital, School, and Businesses. It is like a one stop shopping center. Everything is here.

National Exam: The school system, like other facets of life in Cambodia, is plagued with corruption. Imagine taking an exam while police armed with an AK47 watching over you! Plagiarism is reportedly rife. Exam cheating is common. Buying exam papers and bribery in school is almost a part of growing up. School emphasized quantity over quality.

Such practices compounded by widespread corruption, favoritism, and nepotism within the educational system as wealthy and influential parents either paid bribes or used their political power to secure seats for their children in these institutions.

Degree Fever: Cambodia is flooded with degree. Most students pursue degree over work experiences and skills. What students expect of their education is not off target because the society as whole inspired it. On the job, one may share an office with a co-worker with two master degrees or even a PhD, an academic aptitude that never find a good use for it.

Appointing system somewhat encourages degree-buying practices. However, it is stipulated that civil servant posts an academic degree and take an entry exam. Their academic degree reflects the civil servant‘s position and salary. Continuing educations among civil servants are widespread.

Educational counseling: Student seeks advice and counseling from their parents as to what career to pursue. Schools often serve as instruments of social reproduction in which the lower class learn to be docile workers who follow orders and the upper class are trained for leadership and the exercise of power.

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